The Oaks Handpicked Acorn, Oakley

Date of Birth: 01/02/2021

AKC #: WS70904604

OFA Hip Rated: Done at 2 yrs old

Colors/Markings: Badger

Weight: She's a CHUNK! 

Height at Withers: Just high enough to jump on her mom and bug her-ha! (Check back when full grown)

Click HERE to see Oakley's AKC Pedigree-COMING SOON

Click HERE to see Oakley's OFA Hip Certification AFTER she's turned 2 years old (can't be done before)

Meet Oakley:   Oakley is something special here.  She's our first dog that we're keeping that was born on our soil.  Our other girls are turning 4 years old this year, so it's time to start thinking about retiring our girls for breeding in a couple years.  We won't be breeding Oakley, obviously, until she's about 1.5-2 yrs old.  It's been so fun having an older pup here on our farm again.  She brings such young, fun energy back into our pack.  We picked her obviously for confirmation of the breed, but also for what was best for our pack here.  We wanted a girl who wouldn't disrupt our pack order and who would be submissive and respectful to her elders. 


Oakley's mom is our girl, Denali and her dad is Kai.  So while we're waiting on Oakley's pedigree to come in from AKC, you can see her lines by looking at her parents pedigrees. Click HERE for Denali's pedigree and HERE for Kai's pedigree.

Oakley has already done an amazing job with our chickens.  Being born where chickens are 'just part of the family' and always around DOES make such a difference.  Plus, she's had mom and all her Aunties and Uncle Winston around to teach and show her what behavior around the chickens is acceptable and what is not. That has made my job 10x's easier this time around.  Honesty, I haven't even had to discipline her once (about chickens at least)! I've never even seen the other dogs discipline her for bad chicken behavior either.  Now, obviously, that could be happening when we're not out there, but I check our cameras regularly and I've never seen it happen on there either.  It's a beautiful thing to watch natural instincts and nature happen!  If humans could just get out of the way of how God created nature to function, it works SO much better than anything we could ever do or implement!  I can't take any credit for her doing so well honestly...I attribute most of it to the older dogs teaching her, but also to her laid back personality.  OF COURSE, she's still VERY young too...we'll see how the 'teenage' months go...so stay tuned for that update!

We've also had 'sleepovers' with her in the house with us already too.  She's only little once, right?!  We do this with all our dogs here.  We feel it's important that our dogs understand the House rules as well as the Barn rules, especially since all of our girls deliver their babies here in our house with us.  It's great socialization for them to come inside too.  So we take her on an occasional trip in the car into town or over to the lake next door.  She's been SUCH A JOY to us!! We're a bit smitten; can you tell??  AND, boy, it's been beautiful to watch momma Denali get to raise her daughter.  They ADORE each other and it's the sweetest thing ever to watch them play with each other or watch Denali patrol the field and have sweet little Oakley tailing behind her watching and mimicking her mommas movements and barks...always watching and learning.  My favorite is checking in on the cameras and catching them snoozing together.  Oakley is always snuggled up close usually with her head on mom.  I often ask Denali if she's ready for an Oakley break when I let Oakley run around with me during farm chores around the barnyard.  Denali seems to say "YES!  PLEASE!  She's exhausting!"  Haha!  

Oakley is not related to our male, Winston, so when at the proper breeding age, we plan to breed her with him.



Fun Fact:  When thinking of a name for Oakley, we struggled a little bit.  It felt like THIS name had a bit more 'weight' to it, if you will.  After all, she's our very first pup we've kept from our litters here.  We wanted a name that somehow represented us, but also kept within our nature themed names of all our dogs.  One day while walking on one of our tree trails on or property, Kelly crunched an acorn under her shoe.  It was at that moment that she put it al together and the name came to her.  "The Oaks Handpicked Acorn, Oakley"  An acorn being the 'seed' from the Oak tree allowing natures cycle of life to continue onto the next generation.  Pretty 'pyr'fect, if we do say so ourselves.  Also proving that a walk in the woods can solve almost any problem!   

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