Denali's Puppies

Kodiak (now Rio Maya) is living in Ohio

with his brother Nome (now Tinto)


Nome (now Tinto) is living in Ohio

with his brother Kodiak (now Rio Maya)

Fort Yukon (now Riggins) is living in Illinois

Juneau, now Trixie, is living in Kentucky

Point Hope (she kept her name Hope)

is living in Anchorage, Alaska!


Our girl, Oakley.  Here she's about 4 wks old and then again at almost 12 wks old.

Look how much her markings have faded already!


Snowflake (was Aurora) living in the Big State of Texas with her cowboy!  This is a repeat family.  They have an older Luna x Winston Pyr from us that will be teaching her all the farm rules there as they guard a goat farm.  Meanwhile, while she's still a baby, she's obviously living the GOOD LIFE!  Ha!


Here is Hades (was Avalanche) snuggled up with his momma enjoying a cold March afternoon nap.  They were a little concerned how the cats would take to the new puppy...but were pleasantly surprised just how seamless the introductions went!  Ask how we do introductions here, it works!

Beautiful Miss Maggie (was Solstice) is living the life of luxury as a beloved pet in a household of young boys.  Her favorite place to nap during the day while the boys are at school is here on the bricks.  Pyrs often love to lay on stone/bricks, etc to help keep them cool.

Watch me GROW!  Videos of the puppies:

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