The Oaks Great One Denali
denali best
denali best

Denali watching the sheep from a far
Denali watching the sheep from a far

Denali at 4 months old

denali best
denali best


Date of Birth: 5/26/2017

AKC #: WS57511605

OFA Hip Rated: Good

Weight: 97 Pounds

Height at Withers: 27"

Colors/Markings: Badger


Meet Denali:   We call her "Nali" most of the time.  She's a sweetheart!  She loves to nuzzle with you when she greets you.  She and McKinley were our first official Livestock Guardians, and they truly exemplify a LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) in every sense of the word.  Denali is crazy sweet with us humans and loyal, watchful and protective of her charges (chicken and sheep mostly)...but man, let me tell you, I've seen this girl in action when a coyote was near, and she's a fierce fighter too!  I honestly wasn't even sure she had it in her since she's so calm and gentle with us (kids, her charges, visitors, etc), but she didn't even hesitate to sense the danger and take it under control.  The Great Pyrenees instinct is remarkable!

Denali is badger marked, though it's almost completely faded away with age (as is typical in Pyrs).  She still shows a little color on her ear tips, but that's about it.  She's proudly AKC registered with a Champion & guardian pedigree. She has a large block head with a slight wave to her lush, weatherproof coat.  She's a strong thick girl, weighing in currently at 96# even while working full time as a guardian.  My guardian Pyrs stay strong, lean and healthy by having jobs they love doing.  Denali is also OFA hip certified as Good.

She and our McKinley are full sister litter mates.  They come from a farm where they were around livestock from birth. These two sisters adore one another, and I mean ADORE! They are are each others best friend and are super patient and loving with each other. They typically sleep touching one another.  Denali is always FULLY aware of all the animals around her and what they are doing at any given point. She even keeps an ever watchful eye on the sky with all our eagles, hawks and buzzards around here.  She's a bit more independent, curious and confident than her sister, so she typically does all the investigation while her sister stays back with the charges. I always laugh how she PUSHES her 'sisters' out of the way so she can get her loving from us; yet with us she's as gentle as can be!  She's been perfect from day one with our chickens, ducks and sheep.  I have never, ever had to discipline either her or her sister, McKinley, with any of their charges, including when they were pups!  They're naturals!

Fun Fact: Denali and McKinley are both named after the tallest mountain in North America, located in Alaska.  This one mountain is known by both names.  The original name given to the mountain was Denali.  However, the mountain was renamed in 1896 to honor the then President McKinley.  Recently, in 2015 the mountain name has officially returned to the original name, Denali.  Kelly got to see the ever elusive Denali ('she' is usually covered in clouds) during a trip to Alaska in 2019, where she was a dog handler at the start of 'The Last Great Race', The Iditarod!  What an adventure!

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