Puppies Available

Sorry,  we do not have puppies

at this time, but we will SOON!


Our anticipated 2020 litters are:


McKinley x Kai - Due Date: April 10, 2020

Luna x Winston - Early April 2020

Denali x Kai - Late July 2020

We believe in letting mother nature take it's course here, so these litters are NOT guarantees,

only estimates based upon our girls heat cycles. 

Please remember the above litter dates are when we anticipate the litters to be born.

  Puppy Take Home Day will be 8 weeks after their birth date.

2020 Puppy Waiting Lists are officially open at this time. 

Puppy selections are based upon the order of deposits received (and often fill up before

the litter is born), so reserve your spot today!  

The following families have already made their Deposits and are waiting to make their selection (at approx 4-5 wks of age)

McKinley's Litter

Due Date:  April 10, 2020

Approx 8 wk Take Home Date:  June 5

**This litter will possibly produce some all white pups, but mostly,

will produce Badger Marked pups**

This will be McKinley's first litter

Sire:  Kai

1.  W.C. from Wisconsin - MALE

2. K.B. from Indiana - FEMALE

3.  P.M. from Texas - FEMALE

                 4.   **Your Name Here!**                            

Click HERE to see McKinley's Page

Click HERE to see Kai's Page

Luna's Litter

Due Date:  Early April 2020

Approx 8 wk Take Home Date:  Early June

**This litter will most likely produce All White pups**

Luna had 9 pups in her last litter

Sire:  Winston

1.  D.P. from Indiana - NO PREFERENCE

2.   S.G. from Indiana - MALE

3.  P.D. from Ohio - NO PREFERENCE

4.  R.K. from Indiana - MALE

                5.  **Your Name Here!**                              

Click HERE to see Luna's Page

Click HERE to see Winston's Page

Denali's Litter

Due Date:  Late July 2020

Approx 8 wk Take Home Date:  Late Sept 2020

**This litter will most likely produce Badger Marked pups**

This will be Denali's first litter

Sire:  Kai

1.   A.N. & M.P. from Alaska - FEMALE 

               2.  **Your Name Here!**                               

Click HERE to see Denali's Page

Click HERE to see Kai's Page



First, we'd like to get to know you! 

We encourage you to call us and ask questions.  Let us know you're interested in a puppy, what sex you'd like, and temperaments you hope for (alpha, submissive), etc.  By getting to know YOU, we can offer up suggestions and insights into each puppies personality that we see here as they grow.  Obviously, you have final say so, but our daily 24/7 interactions with the puppies are a valuable tool to help you choose your perfect puppy for you and your family.  For example, if we know ahead of time that you have an existing dog in your home that has food aggression, you'd want to know which puppy is the alpha of the litter as that match up could potentially cause a conflict in the future.  What's a perfect match up for someone else, might not be for you.  Our goal is a FOREVER home for each of our puppies and open communication of wants, needs, dislikes, and expectations are the key to that goal.  A happy home for YOU and the puppy make our hearts soar!


So, please, CALL us (219-730-9428) or feel free to click on the paw print below to fill out our Puppy Questionnaire Form.  (If you call us, we'll basically ask these questions within our conversation anyway, thus saving you the time of filling this out.  Plus, you'll know FOR SURE what puppies are available at that time before you place your non-refundable deposit.)

  This form is our first step in getting to know you, your family & your lifestyle.  You'll be able to tell us what gender,

and from what litter you're interested in getting a puppy from and what your wanting as far as guardian, companion, for show, etc. 

The Oaks AKC Great Pyrenees

Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Deposit


In order to get on our Puppy Waiting List for a future litter, a deposit must be made.


Deposits are $300.

  Deposits are non-refundable and go towards the total purchase price of your puppy.

Please remember that Deposits are non-refundable (no exceptions. If you make a deposit, we are turning away other potential buyers for that litter), but we do gladly transfer it to another litter of ours within one year if the current litter doesn't meet your puppy preference.  (For example,  if your 5th on the Puppy Waiting List for a female but the litter only produces 4 females.)


This Deposit locks in your place on the Puppy Waiting List.

Please call us with any questions you might have prior to making a deposit.  We're always happy to talk puppies!

PayPal is the easiest form of payment, but we do also offer credit card (3.6% fee) over the phone if you'd rather.

(Both options will include their fee.)

Great Pyrenees Puppy Deposit of $300

(Note: a PayPal Fee of 3% is added to payment)

Our Pyrs are our passion,

our love

and our family!

Located in Brookville, Indiana
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