The Oaks Calming Blue Waters
Happy sweet Blue
Happy sweet Blue

Happy sweet Blue
Happy sweet Blue


Date of Birth: 07/17/2019

AKC #: WS65144303

OFA Hip Rated: Will be tested July 19, 2021

Weight: 97 Pounds

Height at Withers: 27"

Colors/Markings: All White

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Click HERE to see Blue's OFA Hip Certification **COMING AUG 2021**

Meet our sweet, calm boy, Blue: 

This sweet boy is basically in low gear all the time.  Well... until he's not!  90% of the time he's slow and steady.  We jokinly say if he could speak, it would sound like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh!  He's the most SWEET, gentle, docile boy you will *ever* meet!  He has an old soul.  He LOVES hugs and will put his big ole head on our shoulder when we bend down to give him a hug and then he'll lean in with such grace and trust, understanding fully his size so he won't lean too hard.  Same with his 'Pyr Paw'.  He SOFTLY brings his paw up to us to get our attention, never scratching or digging in.  It's almost like a soft tap.  He's a perfect observer too, taking in the whole area, watching for wildlife.  Then out of the *Blue*, he switches gears, and the BIGGEST, deepest bark comes out and you know he means business!  It's crazy impressive to see him defend, because you just don't believe he has it in him to be that temperament until you witness it yourself.  


Blue's favorite day is what we call 'Spa Day' around here.  Blue will actually fall asleep during his turn on Spa Day from being so relaxed...and he snores!  Spa Day includes a long thorough brushing, a pedicure ('s really just their nails trimmed), ears and teeth checked out and generally includes a massage by Kelly.  'Spa Day' is one of Kelly's favorites too.  She'll pick a nice day and just spend the whole day laying out in the field enjoying each dog individually and loving on them.  The dogs all seem to get it too.  It's comical.  They all come running in when they see Kelly at first, but then Kelly announces who's turn it is, and the others will go hang out around the barnyard until she'll call the next one up for their turn.  That particular dog will come exuberantly running to her (picture a dog realizing the gate has been left open-whoo, hoo!), plops down on the ground in front of her and then will soak in all in just like we do when we get a massage.  Kelly says it's her favorite way of showing them how much she loves them and it also helps show them how much we appreciate them and the job they do for us. 

Blue does amazing with our barn cat, June Bug.  He understands that she's a family member here and just lets her do her thing while he watches her. 

Fun Fact:  The color Blue is said to be the calmest of all colors and also provides an aura of trustworthiness.  Blue is a color often found in nature with it's pale blue daytime skies, the pretty deep blues of ocean waters or the vibrant blues found on flowers and bluebirds.  Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly.  So while at first meeting our big, all WHITE handsome boy Blue, people are often baffled by his name, they quickly understand the correlation between his name and his personality.