Kelly does an amazing job explaining the process, answering questions, sending updates, and making sure the breed is right for your family. The farm is amazing and the puppies are so well cared for. We loved every part of getting our new puppy, and love her too death! Thank you for everything!!

Adam from Zionsville

winnie swim.jpg
ross intro zz to livestock.jpg

We have truly enjoyed the entire process of purchasing a puppy from The Oaks. We were looking for a livestock guardian dog that was specifically exposed to chickens. Kelly went above and beyond to make sure our puppy was exposed frequently to chickens and because of her hard work when we brought our puppy home she was so chill with our birds! She was fantastic with our goats too! The puppy is also probably the smartest puppy we have owned and I have already recommended them to people.

badger with livestock-Nome or Tinto.jpeg
cotton goat.jpg

The Oaks provides an excellent buying experience. Kelly is extreme helpful with every detail a buyer could want. The puppies are healthy and happy. Kelly is the best!! I am so happy I found The Oaks. Kelly takes care of everything.  Best dog ever. Kelly keeps up with us even though it has been a whole year. Great information. The kennel is very clean too.

Patsy M, Elgin, TX

spoiled rotten.jpg

We have bought two puppies from The Oaks AKC Great Pyrenees. Kelly is absolutely wonderful with every single detail. I would highly recommend her and her puppies. Both experiences were wonderful.

Patsy M. from Elgin, Texas

Thank you for making this process so amazing! I love my Oatie Bear!  I originally wanted an all white Pyr.  After talking to Kelly and getting to know her and their process, there is no other Great Pyrenees family I would have gone to. I felt the love and compassion the Oaks family and the Snyder’s have for their dogs, puppies and the families buying the dogs. I will someday come back for a brother or sister for my beautiful boy Oatie!

Gulachek family



Our Colt is such a sweetheart and he inspired us to get a fenced yard.  Colt is now about 74 pounds at 10 months of age.  He has such a gentle, sweet, calm, temperament, no food aggression, he displays no dominance over other dogs, he is not a counter surfer and he actually comes when called-well, most of the time but he can't be trusted off leash for any great period of time!!  He does not bark a lot but when he does he gets everyone's attention.  He loves to play with all his toys and can entertain himself when Cooper doesn't want to be bothered.  His coat came in and it's long, silky, and he has a lot of it!!  Such a shedder!! 

He is Pyrfect! 

It has been our pleasure to work with Kelly and we feel so fortunate to have one of her pups.

He is the Pyrfect puppy.


TW, York , PA



I would HIGHLY recommend The Oaks Great Pyrenees!!! Buying a puppy from Kelly and Brad has been the best experience we have ever had!  You guys are awesome!  Kelly was awesome helping us with puppy selection since we were remote and could not hold them and see them in person

Wendy from Oregon


What a joy to buy from a family who so clearly loves what they do! Our puppies were healthy and thriving, friendly and sweet, and we’ve enjoyed the journey having them be part of our family!!

Mark & Sarah from Illinois

Mill Beau.jpg
Millie and Beau.jpg

Engagement pictures (taken in ALASKA!) when Birch was 9 wks old

Kelly and Brad evidently rear all puppies in a loving and healthy environment, addressing all moving parts graciously and thoroughly, balancing heart and soul in both a personal and professional manner. Researching an AKC breed can be overwhelming, but after connecting with Kelly our decision was simple and deliberate! I would only recommend The Oaks to anyone interested in a "pyrfect" Great Pyrenees!


Jenna Sieracki (Wisconsin)

Birch at wedding.jpg

Wedding pictures when Birch was 6 months old.  Isn't this couple the cutest including their furbabies on their special day?  We just LOVE it!  And, yes, Pyrs grow FAST!


I felt very comfortable with the process. Kelly is so sweet and fun and I loved hearing her happy voice explaining the puppies different characteristics.  We so enjoyed working with The Oaks and choosing our puppy from them. Absolutely delighted with our Jane. We loved the mama scented blanket sent home with her too; she loved it!  She also came housebroken no less!

MA from Birmingham, AL


So, we took our precious Bentley to get "fixed" yesterday. He did great! He limps around sometimes so we had x-rays done while he was asleep just to make sure he was okay. The vet called me and said "I have never seen such great hips and joints on a giant breed dog" THANK YOU !!!!!! He is the sweetest most lovable big guy and we are thrilled he is so healthy!!!! KUDOS to a breeder that is the best!!!!

tinto with eric.jpg

Great experience from start to finish. You can really tell that they love their animals and it shows when you bring your puppy home.  Awesome experience and will be back again.


Being far from Indiana, we went with a virtual selection and The Oaks knocked it out of the park!  We were a little hesitant with the thought of it, but Kelly put all of our concerns at ease as we talked through the whole selection process.  We finished the video selection knowing we picked the perfect dog for us.  It was an excellent experience and we honestly wouldn't change a thing about it!  We appreciate all the time The Oaks put into it, as well as the whole process from start to finish.  It was definitely the best experience we've ever had buying a dog!

poe by christmas tree.jpg
badger pup Riggins.jpg

This was our first puppy experience as a family and what a joy and blessing it turned out to be!! Kelly loves on her dogs like they are a part of her family. Her attentiveness to their care and well-being shows. At every step of the process I kept my elementary aged kids informed and we used what we learned about Great Pyrenees as a platform for more study in homeschool. The information on the website was analyzed and validated our decision to proceed. We saw the attention to detail on Pick Day. The children remarked how valuable and helpful the information Kelly provided for us. As much as they thought they had studied, she gave many more practical and useful pointers that they did not anticipate. Everyday my oldest son prayed for his puppy. When we brought puppy home after a 90 minute drive, within a few hours we noticed my son’s eyes swelling. The boy who prayed for his dog was allergic!! Undaunted, he kept washing his face and hands, while we tried a dose of allergy medication for him. He insisted on sleeping next to Daisy. In truth, Daisy insisted moreso. She loved to lay her head in his chest or to curl up at his feet. An allergic reaction was not anticipated at all and we are so relieved that it has subsided to nothing. Besides, there is no way you could tear Daisy away from the heart of my children. She is loved so much. The littlest of the litter. She turned out to be the perfect fit for us. She loves belly rubs and galloping full speed in the grass. Her gentleness she has inherited from her parents. It may be hard to pick a puppy from anywhere else now. Kelly set the standard so high and in our eyes, she is just the best person to bring a puppy into our family.

Sharon from Kentucky

menes kids with daisy.jpg
Gilbert family Stanley.jpg
puppy by christmas tree.jpg
stanley with little girl.jpg

We have been so impressed and grateful through the entire puppy process. Kelly takes care of every little detail and goes above and beyond to make you feel so confident and comfortable, especially being out of state, knowing that these puppies are so loved and cared for and plays a huge role in the selection process helping determine a good fit for each family. That meant so much to us that she took that part so seriously because we had to rely on her so much and we truly trusted her and knew it was going to be a perfect fit. And he has been!!! He has been such a dream as a puppy, we all instantly fell in love with him and his demenaor has fit in so perfectly within our home. Making this big decision so far away was seriously so easy because of Kelly- we can not thank her and the Oaks enough!!

Lindsey from Michigan

When asked to give a Testimony on how the Zoom Puppy Selection went, Lindsey responded on the survey with the following:


"For us, it was great to have the opportunity to FaceTime/Zoom being out of state. Connecting with Kelly in that way, just reassured us that this was the right decision. We learned a lot about the breed, our puppy, and felt so comfortable making such a big decision because of her and how these puppies are raised and the love she has for all of them."

stanley with homeschooling.jpg
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