Sir Kai Sehy
Stud dog used for McKinley & Denali
Owned by The Sehy Family
Big boy Kai!
Big boy Kai!

Kai showing off his beautiful badger markings around his face
Kai showing off his beautiful badger markings around his face

Denali (L) with Kai (R) at Kai's house for their Romance Vaca Weekend
Denali (L) with Kai (R) at Kai's house for their Romance Vaca Weekend

Big boy Kai!
Big boy Kai!


Date of Birth: 12/26/2015

AKC #: WS523357

OFA Hip Rated: FAIR

Weight: 115 Pounds

Height at Withers: 30"

Colors/Markings: Badger


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Meet McKinley and Denali's boyfriend, Kai: We use a stud dog for our girls McKinley and Denali.  Just like us humans, some dogs can prefer one dog over another dog, and that's certainly the case with Winston (our only male dog here).  Our females all tend to go into heat around the same time, and that leaves Winston completely preoccupied with "his" girls, Luna and Kona.  Those three have had a special bond since very young.  So when one of "his" girls are in heat, that's all Winston can think about!  Hence, why we sought after a stud for our other two girls. 

Truly, finding Kai has been one of those moments in life that reassure you that your on His path for your life.  Kai and his family all feel like old friends even though we haven't known each other long.  Things fell into place so easily, simply, perfectly with them.  We feel very blessed to have found Kai and his family so close to home.  They are a true joy to deal with and feel like family.  Kai is currently a stud dog only to our two girls and otherwise is just a happy, playful family pet.

Kai's personality is gentle, playful and sweet.  He's so gentle for his size too.  His mama has trained him well and is honestly a true pleasure to be around.  He loves his humans with his whole heart and soul.  He loves his treats and squints with pure joy when he sees his humans!  He's an inside dog and lovingly spoiled by his family, which includes his human parents, brothers, sister and one older canine 'sister'.  Kai is not a digger or climber and happily lives in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio in a neighborhood setting with only 4 foot high fencing.

Kai is a handsome badger marked Pyr.  His coat is a thick, straight, beautiful snow white color with a couple small patches of tan in it.  Kai's mom says that he loves getting brushed and his coat is easily managed.  He, as all our Pyrs, adore the snow and love a good romp outside when it gets cold and snowy!  He gets giddy with excitement when our girls come for their "Romance Vaca Weekend", as we like to call it.  Ha!  It's so sweet to witness!

Fun Fact: Kai's human mom's name is Kelly/Kelley also!   Kai is pronounced as Ky (rhymes with Ty).