The Oaks Lady Kona of a Winter Wind

Kona at 1 year old

Kona age 2.5

Kona loves life! Happy to do anything, even dress up for Halloween! She's 4 months old here.

Kona at 1 year old


Date of Birth: 7/27/2017

AKC #: WS58128103


Weight:  91 Pounds

Height at Withers: 26"

Colors/Markings: All White


Click HERE to see Kona's OFA Hip Certification

Meet our girl, Kona: Kona flew in to us (at 8 weeks old) from Kansas. This girls pedigree is FULL of AKC Champions and Grand Champions; it's seriously impressive. She's so full of spunk & energy. She’s usually the instigator in getting everyone to play. She's that fun friend that's game for anything or nothing at all. She’s not afraid to get dirty either. If it looks like fun, she’s in it! Mud and all!  Thank goodness her coat (as all Pyrs) self cleans! She’s always the messiest, but easiest to brush out. Her straight, thick, solid white coat never seems to mat, not even around her ears. Her coat is so easy to take care of! As fun as she can be, she can also be sweet, kind and loving all curled up next to us after a brushing. She's also our "rub my belly" girl.  She's QUICK to drop, and roll over.  "Belly please!"  She’s a great hugger and likes to wrap her head into the inside of your elbow and rest her head as you hug. I tell you, these dogs are lovers!

Kona has proven to be a great guardian to our sheep.  She doesn't even seem to mind if the sheep come up to her food bowl while eating....which is funny because she most certainly doesn't share her food with her 'sister' dogs!   She loves watching over the field from on top of a perch somewhere, usually either our dog platform or dog wagon in each field just to allow her to do this (spoiled!).  She's quick to alert the other dogs at any suspicious noises in the woods.  She mostly doesn't bark at the sky threats, but it's fun to watch HER watch them.  Her head is tilted to the sky and running underneath it as if to let them know they aren't allowed to land on her property.  She makes us laugh every day with her silliness. 

Fun Fact: Kona means Lady in Hawaiian and it refers to a southwesterly Winter Wind in Hawaii, often strong and bringing rain.

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