Meet Lily: Lily was our Pyr who started us on the Pyr path.  We bought her as a family pet while living in town on a fenced 3 acre lot. She was truly happy and content in town. It was when we built our house and moved to our Oak Tree Farm that we got to witness all of her natural instincts kick into full gear. It was an amazingly beautiful experience to watch her natural instincts of protecting her "flock/charges" (aka: us humans) kick in. I really feel blessed to have SEEN that natural instinct happen and know that Great Pyrenees can be happy in either town or country settings. God simply amazes me everyday with his creatures! While we own 160 acres (and butt up against a State Park with hundreds of acres of woods), she naturally took to a perimeter around her charges, the house. Lily was the sweetest  & a bit of an attention hog when she wanted your attention! She loved to give you her "Pyr Paw" or just look at you so pathetically while sitting perfectly outside our pantry where we kept her treats. She CRAZY loved her family, especially her very favorite human, our oldest son, Mitch.  When he went away to college, we'd often find her napping on his bed or just outside his door as if she was waiting for him to come home.  When he'd come home on breaks, she'd bark, twirl and jump with excitement once she spotted him.  Besides being a loyal pet, she was also serious about her job as guardian. We have LOTS of critters around here from coyotes, stray dogs, coons, opossums, fox, deer, turkey, eagles, hawks, buzzards, etc! It's a regular wildlife zoo out here! When we added chickens & ducks to our farm, we knew we needed a guardian with them to keep out all those critters! Because of Lily, we saw how amazing this breed is with being both a pet as well as a guardian, so there started the process of adding to our Pyr Family.

Sadly, Lily died in November of 2019.  She lived a full happy life, but still it's never enough time.  She'll always have a piece of our hearts and we miss her every single day.  Rest easy sweet girl...

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