The Oaks Miss Luminescent Luna

Date of Birth: 7/31/2017

AKC #: WS57935403

OFA Hip Rated: Good

Weight: 78 Pounds

Height at Withers: 25"

Colors/Markings: White


Meet the kindest of souls, Luna: Luna flew in from Georgia and she's a PEACH all right! She comes from a strong AKC guardian bloodline. She's exhibited natural guardian tendencies from the moment she arrived (at 8 weeks)!  She's always wanted to sleep with the chickens.  She is extremely in tune with the other animals emotions, be it her other dogs or her charges (chickens and sheep).  She's a natural mother to everyone. She’s VERY patient, gentle and loving. Well maybe except when we're giving treats...she's the FASTEST thing ever at taking a treat and eating it!  She wants more, more, more!  Besides that she's the most easy going girl we have; she never wants to cause any trouble with the other dogs, which makes her an excellent pack member.  And, she's got your back!  Generally, she's not the first to charge a noise or threat, but if one of her 'sister dogs' starts to run towards something, she's crazy quick to follow with a Mama Bear mentality to defend her family! 

We sometimes refer to her as our princess, as she doesn't particularly enjoy getting dirty.  She's always the whitest dog in the field.  She'll approach a mud puddle and almost tiptoe through it so she doesn't get dirty.  It's comical!  She loves a cool early evening round of "zoomies" around the barnyard with anyone that'll join her, but otherwise is content resting along side a sheep or chicken.   She has a beautiful, solid snow white coat with perfect jet black pigmentation around her eyes and nose.  While she adores her “sister dogs” here on the farm, she’s also very happy and content to sit alone doing her job of watching over the chickens and ducks.  And, have you ever seen a dog smile?  She can!  She's an absolute joy to have apart of our family!  Luna is also OFA Hip Certified as Good.   

Fun Fact: Luna means moon and since Great Pyrenees are nocturnal by nature, we thought this was a fitting, yet elegant name for her sweet disposition.

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