Our Breeding Plans

We are currently taking a much needed extended break from breeding.  For this reason, we are no longer keeping our waiting list as our plans for the future are unknown at this time.  We like to be completely transparent with our puppy family's and we know finding a good breeder often requires an extended waiting list, thus why we share all of this with you so that you can make the best and most informed decision for your family.  There are a few contributing factors that have made us come to this point, but ultimately, it's time to start slowing this business down so we can focus on other areas in our lives.  Breeding is a LOT of HARD work.  Our mommas and their puppies deserve 100% of our time and devotion.  People don't understand the time, effort, love and stress involved in raising healthy, beautiful, well socialized babies.  It's a 24/7 job with little time off, if done right.  We've immensely enjoyed our years of breeding and all of our puppy family's.  However, having said all of the above, Kelly is already missing all the puppy kisses and snuggles--thus why we've decided not to make anything permanent at this moment.  There's something so pure and sweet when witnessing a puppy's first breath.  God really is amazing!!  We're taking the remainder of this year to focus on enjoying our farm, dogs and family.  This break will also give us the opportunity to visit our boys and family more often and not be so tied down to the farm.

We consider it an honor to have helped so many amazing families find their new family member(s) & we want thank our puppy families for trusting The Oaks to raise your family member.  We've said it before, but truly, we've had the VERY BEST puppy families and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always remembering us and sending us pictures and texts with updates.  They make our day!  Each and every puppy we raised, we've adored.   Someone once asked, "You've raised so many, do you remember each one?"  YES!!!  Each has forever touched our hearts and souls.  

In the mean time...feel free to check out these other Great Pyrenees breeders we've personally dealt with and highly recommend:

(in alphabetical order, so no preference of order; both can be found on Facebook too) 

Pilot Mountain Pyrenees   540-682-9991   www.pilotmountainpyrenees.com    Located in Moneta, Virginia 

Pyrfectly Pyrenees   937-437-0893   Located in New Paris, Ohio

We got our McKinley and Denali from here as puppy's.  Their Wrangler is our girls dad.

They also bought a puppy from us in 2020 to extend their breeding program.  Her name is Willow; she's a Kona/Winston puppy (Springtime Themed Litter-"Rainy").  


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