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The #1 item we recommend to every new puppy owner is the unlimited lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella's Online Puppy School, where you will find every resource you will need to raise your puppy like a professional, including lessons, how-to videos, LIVE! puppy classes and Office Hours with our trainer. They basically hold your hand every step of the way until you have a calm, obedient, well-mannered canine companion who is the ideal family pet!  Your investment in TIME into your puppy with this training is truly priceless! 

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Puppy & Dog Food

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We use Diamond Naturals for Large Breed Puppies and Large Breed Adult Dog Food.  We feed Puppy Food until the puppy reaches 1 1/2 yrs old.  This brand can be found on Amazon and Chewy, but we've found the best pricing at Rural King (it's a farm store).  We pay $34.99 for the Puppy Food and $29.99 for the Adult Food (both 40# bags).

Dog water.png

We LOVE this types of water bowls above (for our inside dogs).  It's so convenient to not have to fill a bowl multiple times a day during the hot summer months.  We like the 3 gallon size in our house which usually means we only have to refill about every couple days depending on the season.  Having water readily available to you dog is VERY important and this takes out the worry of running out and your dog going thirsty.  Super easy to clean too.

puppy waterer.jpg
woof bowls.jpg
dog bowls stainless.jpg

Dog Dishes:  This is often a matter of personal preference and style.  You'll want a size Large (approx 6" in diameter). We prefer heavy bowls, like the ceramic /stoneware shown above. We couldn't find our particular bowls we've had for years, but these shown are similar.  Pyr's are known for dumping their bowls to spill their food all over the floor and then eat it.  (ugh...why??!!)  These heavier bowls won't allow the dog to do that.  We use these types of bowls shown in our house for the food only and use the auto water dish shown on the left for the water.  Helpful tip:  order 2 bowls!  It's nice to constantly have a clean dish out so bacteria never forms.  Having 2 dishes allows you to have one out and another sitting in the dishwasher getting ready to be cleaned.  You do not want plastic bowls for two reasons:  bacteria growth and your puppy will chew on it & think it's a toy!

For the barnyard, we have these stainless steel bowls.  These grippy's on the bottom and the side angle of the bowl makes it near impossible for the dog to dump.  Again, you'll want an extra so you can be leaving one out and cleaning the other constantly.

If your puppy likes to play in the water dish above, it's worth the extra money to go ahead and buy this chicken waterer until they get a little older and quit playing in the dish.  They work great and it helps keep your floors dry and water available at all times.

Collars & Leashes

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dog collar-this one.jpg

We've always loved having the dogs name and our phone number embroidered on our dogs collars instead of using a hanging tag.  We like the idea it's quiet in the house, which probably stems WAY back to when our boys were babies.  The dogs moving or shaking their heads with a tag always seemed to startle a sleeping baby...and let's face it, if your baby is sleeping, you want them to remain sleeping!  Now that our boys are grown, we still use these collars.  It gives us peace of mind that if they'd ever get out and lost, the number was easily seen.  
This is the exact collar we buy.  We like the steel buckle and D ring rather than plastic break away ones. 

The picture on the right is a reflective leash we really like.  Same company as the collar.  When we lived in a subdivision years ago, we especially appreciated the reflective material when walking at dusk or day break.

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You'll want to talk to your Vet and discuss all the options, but here's what we use on all our females.  It's safe for pregnancy and even puppies once they hit 18#, which will be around puppy's week 9 age.  It works great for our girls!  It doesn't seem to do the trick for our male, Winston though.  We use Nexgard on him, which requires a prescription, and is notably more expensive.  I think his coat is just too thick for this to work on him.  This collar lasts 8 months too!  No smell like the old time flea collars either.  We're very happy with it for our girls (and our barn cat!).  It's just a thin gray colored rubber collar they'll wear.

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Grooming Products

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rake brush.jpg
dog nail clippers.jpg
dog dremel.jpg

This is what we use for clipping their nails.  Remember it's important to clip the double dew claws so they don't curl into their pads of their feet.  The Dremel is excellent on our puppies!  Sadly, our adults don't like it, but I wish they would let us, it's so convenient!  We bought our first one when our adults were all around 2 yrs old and we think it was just too late for them to get comfortable with it.  Hence, the reason we start our puppies immediately getting used to this here-to help you!  It's super handy, we WISH we would've started it on our adults when they were puppies too!

Bath time Products

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johnsons baby shampoo.jpg
puppy brightening shampoo.jpg
puppy shampoo.jpg
Dirty dog shampoo.jpg

We use Johnson's Baby Shampoo on our young puppies (under 6 wks old).  It's not the best on dirt, but we like how it doesn't sting their eyes, so their first baths are always a good experience.  We've listed it here, since we actually still use this on our adult dogs around their faces so that the stronger shampoo doesn't sting their eyes. 


The next two Shampoos are from Earthbath and we LOVE these two shampoos!  Both are safe on puppies older than 6 weeks old and they both smell SO good, 'pyr'fect for snuggling puppies while they're still small-ish! 


The final shampoo is what we like to use on our adult dogs.  It's really great at getting our working dogs (thus, very dirty dogs) cleaned, and it smells great.  The smell is important, isn't it?!

dog lick.jpg

Got a squirmy bath taker or nail trimmer?  We think this is a GREAT idea!  We haven't actually tried this product out, but have heard such rave reviews from our puppy family, we thought we'd include it here. 

Around the House

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dog bed.jpg
dog door.jpg

We had this dog door in our last house and LOVED it!  We're here to tell you that especially if you have multiple dogs, you'll be SO glad you have this door!  We had it in when we lived in town and seriously, it's the bomb!  It works off a magnet you'll hang off your dogs collar and once in front of the doggie door, it'll raise up.  You set the speed and duration it stays open.  If it starts to lower on the dog, it's SUPER gentle and will bounce back up just like your garage door does if something is in the way.  It's great too if you have critters like raccoons and such as they can't use the door and won't get in.  It isn't the best with cold weather though, as it lets quite of bit of cold air in.  We had it on a door in our walk out basement, so it worked great for us there.  

inside gates.jpg

If you were here for Puppy Selection inside our breakfast nook, then you saw these at work!  We use these for our wide openings in that area and also across the opening from our kitchen to our living room when our momma's are having their babies.  They're great for this purpose!  While I adore them, I'm not sure they'd be a SECURE way to keep a determined pup/dog in an area.  I'm sure they could knock it down if they tried hard enough.  But, as a younger pup or an adult that doesn't challenge a gate, these work wonderfully.

Dog beds we use out in the barns.  They are from the brand Kuranda and while we've only had them for about 3 months, so far we're very happy with them!  We've gone through quite a few dog beds here, all being destroyed by chewing or breakage.  These show ZERO signs of either!

plexidor dog door.jpg

We bought 3 of these Plexidor Dog Doors in the Spring of '21, and have them installed in our house and in our new Puppy/Dog Barn by our house.  So, we've only had them for a few months so far.  We're SUPER impressed with how well it it's kept the HOT weather out, but obviously do not have experience with it with the cold Indiana winters yet.  People rave on it, so we'll anxious and hopeful this will work nicely.  I'll report back and update this once we've been through a winter.  Our dogs and puppies have figured out the swing very easily.  You may have to prop open one side until they get used to it, but it won't take but a few times through before they get it.


We couldn't find our exact free standing doggie gate, but this one is very similar.  We like to put this up to block off the mudroom if one of the dogs comes in muddy or to keep a wet dog from the mudroom bath station inside the mud room so they don't get the whole house soaking wet.  They all honor the gate and don't push it or anything.  What we really like about this gate is the walk through door.  Seems silly, but ours doesn't have it and it would be so handy instead of swinging and moving the side of the gate to get around.  We seem to mark up the wall sometimes doing that too.


This is the exact crate we use to ship our puppies in (if shipping via cargo).  It's safe, well ventilated, very durable and easy to clean and use.  It's airline approved and it breaks down for easy storage too.

potty bells.jpg

We've never actually used the bell system, but we've had MULTIPLE new puppy homes say their puppies took to this immediately and they love it.  We like the idea of the pup/dog 'telling' you they need to go out to potty instead of the 'stare at you until you let me out' game.  And, frankly you can miss the stare when you're busy. 

stain remover.jpg

This is a real effective stain remover.  It's great for puppy accidents, as well as for adult dogs if they get sick on your carpet.  As far as a stain remover, we swear by it.  As far as an odor remover, it's okay. It really just depends on the smell and how bad it is.  If Kelly (she has a sensitive nose!) can smell the odor after cleaning the stain with this, she'll switch over to the OdoBan below and soak the area with that.

This cleaning solution is GREAT!  It really does it all: cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes (carpets, dog beds, furniture, etc).  We use this to clean any of our puppy areas (whelping boxes, pup nursery walls, floors) as it's safe around puppies after it dries.  Many cleaners are harmful for puppies.  This is safe AND effective, not always an easy combination to find!  And, it's concentrated, so once diluted it's super economical and lasts a long time.  We like it so much that we switched over to this in our household for mopping and cleaning countertops.  Kelly really likes this lavender scent, but isn't a fan of their original scent.


Toys & Treats

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robe wubba.jpg
kong wubba.jpg
puppy toy.jpg

When watching the puppy videos that Kelly will send you, you'll see the above toys.  All are great toys that all our pups enjoy, but we have put them in order of their preference.  #1 is the rope Kong.  EVERY SINGLE litter we've had here has adored this toy!  Pretty much you can't go wrong with any Kong toy, but these 2 in particular are great for puppies & seem to last a little longer than other toys.


The Kong's below are great when filled with natural peanut butter &/or puppy kibble.  They're especially helpful to keep a puppy/dog busy for a longer period of time (such when you have to crate your puppy to run errands, etc).  These particular Kong's in the picture below (the light blue and pale pink ones) are the puppy size and they're small, so you'll be bumping up to the next size very soon!  Kong has multiple sizes and strengths for different levels of chewers.  Any Kong's colored black are the strongest and most durable.  They're meant for the most aggressive chewers.  *If you Google "Kong stuffing" and you'll find many different recipes for treats to put inside them!


The Himalayan Dog Chews below are a GREAT alternative to rawhide.  They are actually a SUPER hard cheese!  Like, ROCK HARD.  It takes about a day or two before our ADULT dogs chew through these, so while they're expensive, they're a safe, healthy alternative to rawhides that our adults enjoy as a treat.  Also, great for keeping a teething puppy busy while you have to leave them to run errands, etc.

kong puppy.jpg
cheese chews.jpg

Crazy Cute Fun Pyr Stuff We Own & Love

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pyr flag spring.jpg
Pyr flag.jpg
Pyr autumn flag.jpg
pyr flag winter.jpg

If you come to our farm, you'll likely see one of these proudly flying!

These are all a 2-sided quality fabric Flag.

Above are the Garden Sized Flags and below are the House Sized Flags

winter flag.jpg
Pyr flag.jpg
Pyr autumn flag.jpg
pyr flag winter.jpg
pyr kids book.jpg

We have both these books, so if you'd like to see them before buying, feel free to ask to see them!  They're both super cute and would make a cute little gift to go along with the new puppy.

JAX is a chapter book.  It says the age range is 7-9; Grade level 1-5.

Sugar is geared towards younger kids, pre-readers or those just starting to read.  It said on Amazon: This book is educational and easy to read. It would appeal to children ages 2-5 but even a child up to 8 years of age would enjoy it, especially if they have a Great Pyrenees.

Pyr chicken kids book.jpg

Aren't these the CUTEST?!!!  Kelly LOVES hers!  She has most all of these designs and says that they are her favorite sweatshirts, true to size and the ahhh-so-COMFY!!  They're amazingly soft to the touch.  Great small family owned business too!

Makes for a really great gift too!

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pyr popsocket.jpg

These are PopSockets for the back of your phones.  Kelly loves hers!

This is a

6" x 9"

blank paperback journal/


140 pages.

pyr journal.jpg
Pyr cookie cutter.jpg

Around the Farm

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fly trap.jpg

Flies are a pain, aren't they?!  We found these traps early summer of 2020 and they've helped tremendously!  You have to add additional 'bait' every few days, but it's not hard (bait=something stinky-we use fresh poop & something sweet-we use sugar water or left over pop/beer at the bottom of a finished can)...but it does add to the daily farm chore list.  Still, it's worth it to stop those darn flies from bothering our dogs.  They recommend that you hang it at the dog/animal height.