Total Puppy Price is $2,995

~Indiana 7% Sales Tax of $209.65 is included within this price~

Payment Plan Available for Puppies ages 0-8 weeks old.  Click HERE to read more about it.

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​This price is for "LIMITED" AKC Registration (no breeding rights).

  "FULL" AKC Registration (with breeding rights) is available to approved homes for an additional $1,000*.

  *If approved, the total cost of a puppy for FULL AKC Registration is $3,995

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What is included with your puppy from The Oaks?


  • First and fore-most, a healthy, well-loved, well-socialized adorable puppy!  We take socialization very seriously and safely expose the puppies to as many household noises as possible, as well as children of all ages, chickens, ducks, our cat, barn life, baths, etc!  We handle each puppy individually and love on them extensively!  We even take each puppy on golf cart rides just to help with the ride home; plus it's FUN! 

  • All of our puppies are born right here in our house (in either our living room or dining room) so we can closely monitor momma and babies during the critical first couple weeks.  It's (obviously) a climate controlled, sanitary place for mama to give birth where she can just relax and tend to her babies with ease.  We happily refer to ourselves as the mommas midwife helping her any way possible.  Depending on the weather, momma and puppies usually stay in the house until week 3-4 and then move out to the barn where they'll be socialized with all our other dogs, as well as our chickens.  While not in direct daily contact, they will also be introduced to our friendly barn cat, June Bug and will also be aware of the cattle across the street in our neighbors field.

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We realize that animals have been having babies on their own for years and years, but these mommas are our babies and we like to spoil them when they're pregnant with massages, extra loving and nutritional treats.  We consider it our great HONOR to assist our mommas in

any way we can.  

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  • Microchip.  We microchip for the dogs protection and your peace of mind.  Great Pyrenees love to expand their territory, and we feel like it's a responsible, loving thing to do for this breed.  Plus, it's just one less thing you have to worry about when you get your puppy home. 

  • A professional, licensed Veterinarian health check-up visit at 6 weeks old.  We feel it's important to have actual veterinarian hands on each of our puppies before they go home with you.  Our puppies health are our number one priority.  Before being allowed to go home to you, each puppy will be examined by one of our Veterinarians (it's a father/son practice) and given their first round of vaccinations.  This is done when the puppies are 6 weeks old.  

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Dr Scott (Keaffaber) listening to the puppy's heart and lungs

Stroller vet.jpg

Kelly's fancy Puppy Stroller for taking a litter of pups in & out of the Vet.

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Dr Keaffaber checking puppy's eyes, nose, teeth and mouth.  

  • A de-worming is done at ages 4, 6 and 8 weeks old.  Pretty much, all puppies are born with worms.  They get them naturally through mommas milk but since their immune system isn't fully mature, their young bodies can't fight them off like their momma.  We preventatively treat for worms to ensure puppies are always thriving and comfortable.  It's a simple (yummy) liquid medicine we squirt into each puppies mouth.  The pups always enjoy the taste and think it's a treat!

  • Puppy Health Guarantee.  The health of our animals is always our top priority.  We do everything within our control to ensure that you are delivered a healthy and socialized puppy that is free of disease and life threatening defects. We guarantee the health of the puppy to be free from life threatening congenital defects for a period of one year from the date of birth. Buyer agrees to see a state certified veterinarian by the puppy's 9th week birthday to validate this guarantee.  In the rare event that your vet would find a health issue, you may return the puppy for an exchange of another available puppy or a full refund.  While this has never happened before, we understand the concerns you have searching for a reputative breeder who raise healthy, loving dogs; so we happily offer our health guarantee so you know how serious we are about our puppies.  We completely stand behind each and every one of our pups.

  • Health tested, excellent bloodlines and AKC pedigrees.  When we decided to breed, we spent hours & hours researching pedigrees, bloodlines and temperaments to bring you what we feel are the best Sire and Dams.  They are all part of our family and we expect excellent behavior out of each of them to help socialize your puppy and to just get along as a pack.  We've also spent the time and money involved to get our dogs OFA certified for their hips.  You can view each of our dogs OFA Hip Certifications under their individual pages.

  • We understand what it means bringing in a new puppy into your family.  It's life altering!  Dogs are such a blessing in our lives, be it as a best friend, companion or guardian.  It is our goal to provide you with the very best puppy for YOU and your family.  We truly love our puppies, and we want to help our puppies THRIVE for their whole lives, not just the few short weeks we have them.  Because of this, we perform the Early Neurological Stimulation of Puppies, done when pups are 3-17 days old. Anything we can do as a breeder to help our puppies live happy, content lives is always our goal. 

  • Hours of research to help improve your puppy's health.  We pay careful attention to the best practices for your puppy's bone and joint development in the first 8 weeks of life.  For instance, we're keenly aware of each surface the puppy sleeps and plays on.  Research is starting to show that slick surfaces while the puppy is very young, especially within the whelping box in particular, can hurt the pup while they're developing proper hip bones and joints.  Many whelping boxes have slick surfaces as they're easy to clean.  We've invested in high quality whelping box mats (called Vet Fleece) that help give the pups grip while they're learning to army crawl, then walk, so they can slowly and properly develop their muscles, bones and joints to prevent future issues.  While this hasn't been 100% proven yet, we constantly review research on this issue and implement those practices that we feel are of benefit to your pup.  

  • Take home blanket with the Mother's scent and litter mates on it.  We feel these are comforting, familiar scents that helps ease the transition to their new home.  (If you come to our farm for Puppy Selection at the 6 wk mark, we'll even have you rub this same blanket on YOU, so that the puppy is familiar with your scent before going home with you.)

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  • At Puppy Pickup, we'll give you a tote filled with the blanket we mentioned above, as well as your Puppy Folder with all your important puppy information neatly organized inside for you.  It includes the AKC Registration Paperwork, Microchip # and info, Vet Check-up Health & Vaccination Records, copies of the Sire and Dam's pedigrees and some additional information for caring for your new puppy and raising Great Pyrenees. 

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  • A sample baggie of their current Puppy Food they've been eating, Diamonds Natural Large Breed Puppy Food.  Diamond dog food is sold at farm stores (Rural King, Tractor Supply) as well as most pet stores.  We recommend that you feed your puppy a Large Breed Puppy specific food.  These gentle giants grow FAST and the large breed puppy food ensures the correct nutritional balance specific to a giant breed so they won't grow too fast and cause health issues down the road.

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