Our Puppy Reservation List

The Oaks Reservation List
(Name- SEX; Deposit Date)

 1.  B.D. from Pennsylvania - ALL WHITE FEMALE; 5/14/21-#1 FEMALE Pick from McKinley's Litter
2. C.M. from Michigan - FEMALE; 6/4/21 -#2 FEMALE Pick from McKinley's Litter
3.  R.P. from Indiana - FEMALE; 8/26/21-#3 FEMALE Pick from McKinley's Litter
4.  M.B. from Kansas - FEMALE; 10/4/21-#4 FEMALE Pick from McKinley's Litter
5.  S.M. from Indiana - MALE; 10/10/21-MALE Pick from McKinley's Litter
6.  R.C. from Virginia - FEMALE; 10/25/21-#5 FEMALE Pick from McKinley's Litter
7.  L&K V. from Illinois - FEMALE; 12/12/21-#6 FEMALE Pick from McKinley's Litter

Selections are made in the order of the deposit received.  When it's selection time for a litter (at 6 weeks old), we'll simply move our way down the Reservation List.  If the current litter doesn't produce a puppy that you're wanting (for example, male/female or you want an all white puppy, but current litter only produced badger markings), you'll simply inform us that you'd like to remain on the list and we'll move on down the list for the current litter.  As people select their puppy, we'll remove them from the list, leaving only those still waiting for a puppy; thus, you'll actually move up the list for a future litter once the current litter's selections have been made.

Please note: Puppy prices can increase depending on demand and availability; but no worries, your Puppy Price is LOCKED in at the time of your deposit.  Also, The Oaks AKC Great Pyrenees reserves the right of 1st Selection Male &/or 1st Selection Female from all litters, for breeding purposes. This means there is always the possibility of buyers moving one spot down on the Waiting List/Selection Order.  While this COULD happen anytime, it's never a last minute decision.  We plan years out, so we update the Reservation List with our intentions WELL in advance.

Also, families "Waiting" MUST notify The Oaks PRIOR to the puppy being born.  "Waiting" families can NOT jump into a litter that is already born.  Waiting families have given The Oaks a time frame that they are "Waiting" for, but that family will stay in the "Waiting" status until The Oaks is notified otherwise.  The Oaks will not notify "Waiting" families with each upcoming litter.  It is the families responsibility to notify The Oaks when they are ready for their puppy and no longer "Waiting".  This helps ensure the list is fair to those who are on the list and ready.