Our Puppy Reservation List



*This List below is ALWAYS up to date and accurate.*

The families below have placed their deposit and are currently waiting until their Puppy Selection Weekend.

Families only come off the list after they've chosen their "Pyrfect" puppy (at 6 weeks old during the Puppy Selection Weekend).

The Oaks Reservation List
(Name- SEX; Deposit Date)

...Guys...we deeply apologize for any confusion below.  The Selection Order (especially McKinley's litter) has been very fluid this week with the #1 Male Pick family skipping (due to unforeseen circumstances) thus causing a ripple effect all the way down our list...and of course the "No Preference" on sex of puppy.   
Because of all of this, we have implemented a new policy effective immediately of NO MORE "No Preference" upon putting a new deposit in. 
It's simply is too hard on the family's further down the list to schedule and plan for selection/pick up weekends. 
We DEEPLY apologize to our family's for this confusion and frustration.

*Selection Weekend for McKinley/Luna litter is June 23-27* 
After that weekend, this list will be GREATLY simplified (& shortened).  We will also know who will get pushed over to Kona's litter
and we'll also have a MUCH clearer view of how Denali's litter will look like too. 

So stay tuned...and from the bottom of our hearts...thank you for your patience.

1.  A.M. from Washington - MALE; 7/29/20- #1 MALE Pick from Kona Litter
2.  A.P. from Minnesota - NO PREFERENCE BADGER; 7/30/20; waiting until 2022
3.  K&J M. from Kentucky - MALE; 8/8/20-#1 Male Pick from Luna's Litter
4. K&D B. from Indiana - #1 FEMALE Pick from Kona's Litter; 8/10/20
5.  G.M. from Illinois - BADGER MALE; 8/10/20-waiting until Denali or after
6.  A.H. from Indiana - FEMALE; 8/21/20- #1 Female Pick from Luna's Litter
7.  T.C. from Ohio - ALL WHITE MALE; 8/24/20; waiting until 2022
8.  S.K. from Ohio - FEMALE; 8/29/20; waiting until further notice
9.  D&K R. from Indiana - #2 FEMALE from Kona's Litter; 8/30/20
10.  C.W. from Oregon - MALE; 9/14/20-#2 MALE from Luna's Litter
11.  C.W. from Indiana - MALE; 9/17/20-#3 MALE from Luna's Litter
12. T.B. from Colorado - FEMALE; 10/16/20-#1 FEMALE from McKinley's Litter
13.  K.B. from Indiana - MALE; 10/24/20-#1 MALE from McKinley's Litter
14.  A.T-R from Alabama - NO PREFERENCE;  10/26/20-#2 FEMALE /or #2 MALE from McKinley's Litter
15.  K.V. from Ohio - MALE; 10/26/20-#4 MALE from Luna's Litter
16.  M.S. from Michigan - FEMALE; 10/30/20-#2 or #3 FEMALE from McKinley's Litter
17.  J.G. from Maine - FEMALE; 11/1/20; waiting until 2022
18.  K.K. from Virginia -  FEMALE; 11/16/20-#2 FEMALE from Luna's Litter
19.  R.K. from Alaska - MALE; 11/20/20-waiting until Denali or after
20.  A.K. from North Carolina - MALE; 11/24/20 #2 MALE from Kona's Litter
21.  G.S. from Ohio - FEMALE; 12/1/20-#3 FEMALE from Luna's Litter
22.  K.L. from Indiana -MALE; 12/3/20-#2 or #3 MALE from McKinley's Litter
23.  C&E S. from Ohio - FEMALE; 12/4/20-#3 or #4 FEMALE from McKinley's Litter
24.  A. A-K from Illinois - NO PREFERENCE; 12/20/20-#4 or #5 FEMALE /or #3 or #4 MALE from McKinley's Litter
25.  K.T. from California - FEMALE; 12/31/20-#4 FEMALE from Luna's Litter
26.  R.C. from Michigan - FEMALE; 1/13/21-#4 or #5 or #6 FEMALE from McKinley's Litter
27.  R.C. from Michigan -MALE; 1/13/21- #3 MALE from Kona's Litter
28.  J.Q. from Illinois - MALE; 2/10/21- Possible #3 or #4 MALE from McKinley's Litter/ #4 MALE from Kona's Litter
29.  F.L. from Indiana - MALE; 2/15/21-Possible #4 MALE from McKinley's Litter; Possible #4 MALE from Kona's Litter; Otherwise, Denali's
30.  N.A. from Indiana - MALE; 4/29/21
31.  C.G. from Indiana - NO PREFERENCE; 5/10/21-Possible #5 or #6 FEMALE from McKinley/#3 FEMALE from Kona
32.  J.R. from Indiana - ALL WHITE MALE; 5/13/21
33. B.D. from Pennsylvania - FEMALE; 5/14/21; waiting until Denali or after
34. S.C. from Indiana - NO PREFERENCE; 5/17/21 waiting until Denali
35.  V.U. from New York - FEMALE; 5/20/21-#3 or #4 Female from Kona's Litter
36.  A.K. from North Carolina - FEMALE from Sire Kai; 5/28/21
37. S.S. from Kentucky - FEMALE; 6/5/21-Possible #4 FEMALE from Kona's Litter
38.  A.H. from Illinois - FEMALE; 6/5/21
39.  C.M. from Michigan - ALL WHITE FEMALE; 6/7/21 - waiting until 2022

40.  P.M. & M.D. from West Virginia - MALE; 6/13/21
41. R.P. from California - FEMALE; 6/15/21
42.  **Your Name Here** 

Selections are made in the order of the deposit received.  When it's selection time for a litter (at 6 weeks old), we'll simply move our way down the Reservation List.  If the current litter doesn't produce a puppy that you're wanting (for example, male/female or you want an all white puppy, but current litter only produced badger markings), you'll simply inform us that you'd like to remain on the list and we'll move on down the list for the current litter.  As people select their puppy, we'll remove them from the list, leaving only those still waiting for a puppy; thus, you'll actually move up the list for a future litter once the current litter's selections have been made.

Please note: Puppy prices can increase depending on demand and availability; but no worries, your Puppy Price is LOCKED in at the time of your deposit.  Also, The Oaks AKC Great Pyrenees reserves the right of 1st Selection Male &/or 1st Selection Female from all litters, for breeding purposes. This means there is always the possibility of buyers moving one spot down on the Waiting List/Selection Order.  While this COULD happen anytime, it's never a last minute decision.  We plan years out, so we update the Reservation List with our intentions WELL in advance.



First, we'd like to get to know you! 

We encourage you to call us and ask questions.  Let us know you're interested in a puppy, what sex you'd like, and temperaments you hope for (alpha, submissive), etc.  By getting to know YOU, we can offer up suggestions and insights into each puppies personality that we see here as they grow.  Obviously, you have final say so, but our daily 24/7 interactions with the puppies are a valuable tool to help you choose your perfect puppy for you and your family.  For example, if we know ahead of time that you have an existing dog in your home that has food aggression, you'd want to know which puppy is the alpha of the litter as that match up could potentially cause a conflict in the future.  What's a perfect match up for someone else, might not be for you.  Our goal is a FOREVER home for each of our puppies and open communication of wants, needs, dislikes, and expectations are the key to that goal.  A happy home for YOU and the puppy make our hearts soar!


So, please, CALL us (219-730-9428) or feel free to click on the paw print below to fill out our Puppy Questionnaire Form.  (If you call us, we'll basically ask these questions within our conversation anyway, thus saving you the time of filling this out.)

  This form is our first step in getting to know you, your family & your lifestyle.  You'll be able to tell us what gender you'd like,

the time frame you're interested in getting a puppy and what your wanting as far as guardian, companion, for show, etc.