Before placing a deposit, we'd like to get to know you! 

We encourage you to call us and ask questions.  Let us know you're interested in a puppy, what sex you'd like, and temperaments you hope for (alpha, submissive), etc.  By getting to know YOU, we can offer up suggestions and insights into each puppy's personality that we see here as they grow.  Obviously, you have final say so, but our daily 24/7 interactions with the puppies are a valuable tool to help you choose your perfect puppy for you and your family.  For example, if we know ahead of time that you have an existing dog in your home that has food aggression, you'd want to know which puppy is the alpha of the litter as that match up could potentially cause a conflict in the future.  What's a perfect match up for someone else, might not be for you.  Our goal is a FOREVER home for each of our puppies and open communication of wants, needs, dislikes, and expectations are the key to that goal.  A happy home for YOU and the puppy make our hearts soar!


So, please, CALL us (Kelly 219-730-9428) or feel free to click on the paw print above to fill out our Puppy Questionnaire Form.  (If you call us, we'll basically ask these questions within our conversation anyway, thus saving you the time of filling this out.)

  This form is our first step in getting to know you, your family & your lifestyle.  You'll be able to tell us what gender you'd like,

the time frame you're interested in getting a puppy and what your wanting as far as guardian, companion, for show, etc. 

Just the Basics...

When is the Best Time to Call You?
Do You Own Or Rent Your House?
If Renting, Does Your Landlord Approve of Pets?
Do You Have Neighbors Nearby?

Now Onto the

Fun Stuff...

Puppy Questionnaire

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