We offer two types of shipping:  Air and Ground


Shipping via AIR - Flight Nanny Service

We ship anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska!

Estimated cost is:  $650-$700 ($750 West Coast, $850 Alaska)

This is by FAR our very favorite way for our pups to travel home (excluding you actually picking up the puppy yourself of-course).  We have found a Flight Nanny Service Company that we ADORE!  They're mostly off duty airlines attendants who do this part time to make extra money.  What we LOVE about that is that they are VERY familiar with all the airports, airline procedures, security stations, potty areas, etc.  They're able to zip through security with their frequent flyer credentials and they're 'at home' in an airport and on a plane, thus calm and at ease during the entire trip (pups read this in people).  These nannies all fly 'stand-by' to keep the costs down, so there is always a potential for delays.  Keeping that in mind, we all have to be super flexible on our schedules for drop off and pick up times and remember that it's not necessarily what's most convenient for us, but what gets the puppy home safely.  

 After you've selected your puppy (at 6 weeks old), we will start the shipping process by booking the Nanny.  The puppy must fly home to you sometime during their 8 week old birthday, as there is a weight limit to flying 'in cabin' across all the airlines, which is 20 lbs. 

The Flight Nanny Deposit is $250 and due at the time of booking.  Your remaining balance is due, in cash, paid directly to the Flight Nanny at the airport when picking up your puppy.  Most flights cost between $650-$700 total (with the deposit included in that price), with the exceptions of the West Coast which has always been $750 so far and Alaska has been $850.  It really depends on how far you are from Cincinnati, but those have been the costs over and over again since we've began using them.

These nannies are so sweet and loving to our puppies and they set our hearts at ease.  They'll send us pictures and texts all along the way to keep us all well informed on how the puppy is doing and where they are (if there are plane changes/layovers). It's such a reassurance to get these texts!  They also send us a text the day before the flight with all the flight information and a link to a webpage that we can enter that flight info into so we can watch the plane go across the US map during the trip.  Honestly, it couldn't get any nicer than this.  These nannies take their job seriously and professionally.  The company is also insured and USDA licensed.  Your puppy is in loving hands the whole way home to you.

Everest shipping.jpg
everest ship.jpg
Hope flying.jpg

Brad heading into the airport to meet up with our nanny for this sweet girl, 'Hope', heading to the great state of ALASKA!

Shipping via AIR - Flight Nanny

Flight Nanny DEPOSIT Payment -$250


Your will pay the remaining balance directly to the Flight Nanny Directly at Pickup


PayPal Payment

(Note: a PayPal Fee of 3% is added to payment)

Venmo Payment


flight nanny.jpg

One of the many nannies we use.  They're ALL smiles when they hear it's a pup from us!

shipping 20 lbs.jpg

This pup was 8 weeks old and 1 day...20 pounds EXACTLY with the carrier!

Our Puppy Family Testimonials on using the Flight Nanny Service:

"This was a first for us as well but I loved this service- I felt very confident that the puppy was in great hands the entire time and comfortable because the nanny would be comfortable flying. The updates/texts/communication were so helpful! Everything else was as expected-price/waiting, it made this process very easy. My only somewhat complaint was using cash, but it was a minor extra step."

Lindsey from Michigan

lindsey picking up at airport pup.jpg
flight nanny.jpg
ross at airport with zz.jpg

"It was a considerable expense but I was totally pleased with the nanny service utilized, very comforting to know the puppy was traveling in good hands."

Ross from Bird Dog Farms, West Newbury, MA

Once we know which puppies will be flying, we immediately start acclimating those puppies to an Airline Approved Flight Nanny Carrier just so they're completely comfortable in and around one ahead of time.  They often feel like it's their own little safe spot to nap in.


  Obviously, though, this is why we have to travel at 8 wks old...they'd grow out of them in just another week!

kelly with carrier fly.jpg
pup in fly carrier.jpg
kelly pup carrier fly.jpg

Shipping via GROUND

Estimated cost:  75 cents a mile from zip code 47012 PLUS $79 for Vet Health Certificate

We work closely with a friendly, trustworthy pet transport company who ship all over the United States.  They are a smaller company who only transport pets and are fully insured.  What we love about them is that they absolutely put the dogs first and aren't afraid to stop for potty breaks and walk when either the driver or the puppy needs it.  The drivers typically drive a car or mini-Van and your puppy will travel either in their own seat or on the floor board (if they're most comfortable that way), or in their own comfy crate with access to food and water at all times.  Many ground transport companies stack crates one on top of another in a larger cargo van with many animals, so we really like that this company uses smaller vehicles and typically only have 2 or 3 dogs max in the vehicle.  Vehicles are obviously air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter, so transport conditions are very comfortable. 


Transport costs are based upon the miles between our farm to your house.  Just to give you an idea of cost, a puppy recently transported to Alabama from our farm was about $400 (approx 530 miles).  A rough estimate is approx. 75 cents a mile.  The other cost to Ground Shipping is the Vet Health Certificate required.  Our vet charges $79 for this.

While we'd love a guaranteed date and time of pickup & delivery, we all have to be understanding and patient with a flexible window of service from them.  It's extremely hard to pinpoint exact times with potty breaks, motion sick puppies, traffic/construction, & other pickup/drop offs along the route.  Generally speaking, they usually can fit a pickup/delivery within a week (two at most) from our quote call.  Because of all the variable factors involved, the driver/company will stay in contact with you (and us!) along their route to you to keep you updated on the estimated time of arrival. 

They will try take your schedule into account to help you out, but remember, they often have another delivery that's waiting for their puppy too, so try to have someone on call if delivery happens to need to happen while you're at work/away. Once you let us know that you're interested in this option, we'll call the company and get you a quote.  If you approve of the quote, we'll take your payment over the phone via credit card or by Venmo at that time. 

pups in crate.jpg

Once we know that your puppy will be traveling ground travel, we'll acclimate them to a crate to help make the ride home easy and comfortable for them.  In the above picture, we had one puppy going home via ground travel in that particular litter, so we put this crate within the pup area so they could all come and go as they pleased.  Obviously, these two thought the crate was a great napping spot!