The Oaks Stone of Joy Winston

april 2020
april 2020

Winston 8 weeks old at his first Vet visit



Date of Birth: 12/28/2017

AKC #: WS59801903

OFA Hip Rated: Good

Weight: 115 Pounds

Height at Withers: 29"

Colors/Markings: All White


Meet our big boy, Winston: Winston arrived to us from Wisconsin as the baby of our Pyr pack. He is our only male here at The Oaks. He's currently two years old (as of Dec 2019) and he's a big, strong, majestic boy! He adores his humans and is always first to the gate to greet us with true, simple joy. He never turns a hug down.


I like to say he’s ALL boy. Winston loves a good romp in the mud, a belly rub, extra treats and all the attention you can give him.  Whenever one of his boy humans are around he gets so excited and whines with excitement!  Though, the largest of all my Pyrs, he's one of the gentlest with dealing with us humans and his sheep and chickens.  He really seems to understand his strength and size and is extra cautious about it around us.  He patrols around the barnyard like a big, majestic lion.  He has a strong, silent confidence of being in charge.  Comically, though, he seems to instantly melt in our hands when it's time for lovin'.  He's also the perfect gentleman to Kelly as she's leaving the field, as he 'safely' escorts her out of the pasture.  Winston is the BEST Daddy too.  He enjoys his puppies and likes to be around them.  He's so gentle and a nurturer when they're very young, then as they grow, he's does great at discipling them too.  When a puppy's behavior isn't acceptable (for instance, one might growl at another puppy when feeding), he'll lay his big ole paw on top of the puppy and just show his teeth.  It's always enough to show the puppy that it's not okay to do that.  He teaches the puppies good behavior in about 2.5 seconds...what would've taken a human a week to do!  He demands respect out of the puppies, but is fun, loving and energetic when it's playtime.  He's the Pyrfect Dad!

Winston has established himself as the alpha of our pack.  He has a Champion filled AKC pedigree, as well as a strong guardian bloodline too.  He's been OFA hip certified as Good.  His coat is a thick, beautiful snow white color and easily managed.  He loves getting brushed and generally insists on being first in line when he sees the brush.  He, as all our Pyrs, adore the snow and seem so content sleeping on a cold snow pile while the snow gentle covers him.  They love the cold, that's for sure!  (Don't worry, they do well in the heat too; the cold just seems to spark such beautiful joy in them!)

Fun Fact:  I really loved the name Winston on a GP Male (they look so regal and majestic, I think the name fits), but wanted to keep with my "nature" names.  THEN, I found online that Winston has a meaning of "Stone of Joy"!  NATURE!  Okay, Stone of Joy makes zero sense, but I'm going with it!  Ha!